Global and local best practice in managing the changing world of finance crime and regulatory compliance. 

Learning what the new world means for you, your organisation and region. 

Join us in Dubai for this essential one-day event bringing together thought leaders and senior compliance professionals from around the world and the MENA region.

The field of regulatory and financial crime compliance is constantly evolving. This is your opportunity to explore emerging risks, tech and regulations and understand how others are responding to protect and enhance their organisations. Don't miss the annual update to look ahead, benchmark your thinking and approach and ensure you are equipped with all of the latest information, ideas and practical tools. 

Key themes for this year's conference include: 

ESG - Understand how to approach ESG as a concept in your business. What are the fundamentals? Who should lead? How do I measure and report? Learn from organisations that are making ESG part of their business strategy to do the right thing and add value to stakeholders. 

Compliance function - What is the role of a compliance function in 2022 and beyond? How can we add value to our business, stay relevant and drive sustainable growth? How can your compliance function and the 1st Line of Defence keep up with warp speed change? 

Managing sanctions risk - With constant updates to the global sanctions landscape, what does an effective sanctions programme look like? Discover the latest trends and developments in global sanctions, the associated risks and the steps required to build and maintain an effective sanctions programme. 

Data privacy - Is data the 'new gold' or merely a 'new liability'? Is data a valuable business asset or does it have serious limitations that can impact your firm. 

Virtual assets - how to understand the opportunities, impact and challenges of virtual assets for both financial services and new market entrants. 

Conduct - how to design a strong and effective conduct and culture risk management framework 





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